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Why should you change your Gmail password regularly?

Gmail is used by a majority of the users to send and receive emails. Some of them can use it to send private and sensitive information. If this information falls in the wrong hands, heavy losses may be incurred to the users. The losses suffered may be either financial or identity theft.
In such scenario it becomes necessary that you safeguard your safeguard your account and other information from the hackers. It therefore becomes necessary to change Gmail password on a regular basis. Changing your Gmail password ensures that you do not suffer during the attacks by the hackers. Changing your Gmail password also ensures that if any unauthorized person has access to your account, they are logged out of it as soon as the password is changed at your side.

Simple and easy steps to create Gmail account on PC, Android, and iOS

Google provides the number of services to its users to meet their different needs. It provides them with numerous services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google+, Adwords, Adsense, Blogger, Google Search, Google News, etc. In order to use these features, it is necessary that users ought to have a valid Gmail address.
Gmail is a very popular and most widely used email service in the world. It provides its users a sleek and easy way to use interface that can be used to send and receive emails. You can make use of various other features provided into it to safely secure your account.

Gmail Update Required to Avoid Security Issues

Gmail is one of the most widely used Email services worldwide. A vast amount of information is shared through Gmail on a regular basis. Amidst the vast amount of information shared, some of the information shared may turn out to be a bit sensitive. In order to gain access to the sensitive information, the hackers are on the lookout for gaining access to the Gmail account. In order to prevent the users from getting hacked and leaking the data as well as information to the hackers, Gmail provides the users with the latest security updates. This makes the Gmail account quite difficult to hack, thereby safeguarding the information shared.

Inbox by Gmail gets high priority notifications

Google is a very popular tech giant that provides a lot of services to its users. Some of the most widely known services are Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, Blogger, etc. Apart from that, it regularly introduces new services features.
Following this trend, it has recently introduced the Inbox by Gmail. It provides you with a new browsing experience. But in order to use this feature, you have to register for Inbox by Gmail. For this, you just need to visit in your browser. After you have done so, just login by entering the Gmail credentials. To seek help in activating this feature, dial Gmail Helpline Number and avail help from experts in setting up this feature.

Windows 10 update bug causes problem while using Google and Gmail

Google is the most visited website across the world. It provides you a lot of amazing internet services, some of the most prominent being Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, Blogger, Adsense, Adwords, etc. As reported a majority of the traffic on Google comes from the Windows operating system.
Gmail can be used on different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, OSX, Linux, etc. Whenever you come across a problem that you cannot fix on your own, dialGmail contact numberto seek the help of experts to fix your problem.

What is Windows 10 build 15019 bug? In order to provide the users with latest security updates and fix any issues encountered in the previous versions, Windows provides regular updates to its users. In a recent update, certain Windows users have faced some issues while using Google and Gmail in the Microsoft Edge browser. It is because of a bug that makes it impossible for the users to access Gmail and Google using Microsoft Edge browser. Some other Google services like Maps…

Simple ways to manage multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously

Gmail is a very popular Email service that allows its users to have multiple Gmail accounts. The Users can have four Gmail accounts from the single registered number. Normally, you cannot use the multiple Gmail accounts at the same time. It is quite a tedious task, as you need to log out from the old account you are signed in and has to enter the username and password for the new Gmail account, which you wish to log in.
In order to access multiple accounts at the same time, it requires some easy hacks and ways to manage multiple Gmail Accounts simultaneously.
By using simple methods mentioned below, you can easily view emails, unread messages and even forward the emails from the different account without repeated logins and logouts.

Quick and Simple Steps to Enable Gmail Two Step Verification

Gmail is the most widely used Email service provided by Google. Since a vast amount of secure information is transferred on the internet, it becomes necessary that you keep your account safe and secure. Majority of Hackers devise certain methods to hack into the Gmail accounts. Keeping this in mind Gmail provides its users with two step verification feature. This provides the security in the hands of the people itself and makes sure that they do not fall a victim to such attacks.

What is Gmail 2-step verification?Gmail 2-step verification is a methodology that offers an extra level of security to your account. After you enable the two step verification for your account, any unknown login attempts will be automatically disabled. Any malicious login attempts from unknown location, or unknown device is immediately blocked. If you are the one using your Gmail account from a new location or device, you need to verify your identity by entering the code that is sent to the mobile phones or…

How to set up 2-step verification for Gmail on your iPhone?

Gmail is a very popular Email service provided by Google. It can be used on all the Operating system and its respective devices available like iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Windows Phone, etc. There are dedicated Gmail apps for these devices. A majority of the information shared via Gmail turns out to be quite confidential. Hence, it becomes necessary to take proper precautions to safeguard your account from the persons with any malicious intent.

What is 2-Step verification? In order to safeguard your data and information, Gmail provides you with the 2-step verification option to secure Gmail account. It can be enabled on all the devices that you own. After you have enabled this feature, you will be safeguarded from any malicious login attempts. If any person wishes to login to your account, they will be asked to verify the identity by receiving the code on phone or email address. This ensures that even if your password is known to the hackers, they can’t login to the account. Only …