Inbox by Gmail gets high priority notifications

Google is a very popular tech giant that provides a lot of services to its users. Some of the most widely known services are Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, Blogger, etc. Apart from that, it regularly introduces new services features.

Following this trend, it has recently introduced the Inbox by Gmail. It provides you with a new browsing experience. But in order to use this feature, you have to register for Inbox by Gmail. For this, you just need to visit in your browser. After you have done so, just login by entering the Gmail credentials. To seek help in activating this feature, dial Gmail Helpline Number and avail help from experts in setting up this feature.

Gmail Helpline Number

What is Inbox by Gmail?

Inbox by Gmail has a very simple and amazing interface. Here the Emails are beautifully classified in different categories like promos, purchases, trips, purchases, finance, social, updates, forums, promos, low priority, etc. Here, you can also mark the emails as snoozed and done. Inbox by Gmail can be used on the web browser, Android apps, and iOS apps.

Furthermore, it has also announced a high priority notification feature that can be used to report the users about the important updates. In this, the users will be notified about only those emails that Google considers as highly important. This will help the user save their time and increase their productivity as they will no longer be distracted by the frequent email notifications as they arrive. There is an option available using which you can choose the option to enable all the notifications.

How to Enable the High Priority Notification Feature in Inbox By Gmail?

This feature ‘Inbox by gmail’ has not been rolled out to all the users. In order to check if this feature is available for your account, just go through the steps mentioned below. But, before following the steps below, it is necessary that you install the latest version of the Inbox by Gmail app on your iOS or Android.
  •          Open the Inbox by Gmail app on your device.
  •          Tap on the settings button.
  •          Tap on “Notifications” tab.
  •          Here you can see if this feature is made available to you or not.
  •          Select the radio button “high priority” to receive the notifications.
  •          In case you wish to receive the notifications for all the messages, you can do so by selecting the all button.
  •          If you have not already received this feature, there are chances that the features will be made available for you later.
  •         If you have any other Gmail addresses available, check out if this feature is enabled in those email accounts as well.

This Inbox by Gmail is quite a new and amazing feature available for the users. Along with using this service, you can use the native Gmail in the same way as before.

Sometimes, you may come across some problem with your Gmail account. In any such case, just give a call on the Gmail technical support number and get the problem fixed instantly by the experts. 24*7 support is provided to ensure timely resolution of your problem. 

Dial Gmail Helpline Numbers:-

+1-888-259-9422 (US/CANADA)
+44-800-051-3717 (UK)
+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)


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