Quick and Simple Steps to Enable Gmail Two Step Verification

Gmail is the most widely used Email service provided by Google. Since a vast amount of secure information is transferred on the internet, it becomes necessary that you keep your account safe and secure. Majority of Hackers devise certain methods to hack into the Gmail accounts. Keeping this in mind Gmail provides its users with two step verification feature. This provides the security in the hands of the people itself and makes sure that they do not fall a victim to such attacks.

What is Gmail 2-step verification?

Gmail 2-step verification is a methodology that offers an extra level of security to your account. After you enable the two step verification for your account, any unknown login attempts will be automatically disabled. Any malicious login attempts from unknown location, or unknown device is immediately blocked. If you are the one using your Gmail account from a new location or device, you need to verify your identity by entering the code that is sent to the mobile phones or alternate Email address. After you have entered the correct code, you will be able to login to your account. This ensures that no unwanted users can gain access to your account.

How to enable Gmail 2-Step verification for your account?

Enabling 2-step verification for your account is quite a simple and easy process. For this you just need to follow some simple steps mentioned below. But, if you do not feel comfortable in performing the steps mentioned below just give a call on Gmail Customer Support Number and get it enabled by the experts for you. So, let’s get down to the process of enabling the Gmail 2-step verification.

  •          Open the Gmail home page in your web browser.
  •          Log in to your account by entering the credentials.
  •          Click on the Gear icon and then click on the “Settings” link.
  •          Now click on the “Accounts and Imports” tab.
  •          Click on the link “Other Google Account Settings”.
  •          A new webpage appears where you need to enter in your password.
  •          Then a new page “Sign-in & security” appears.
  •          Click on the link “Signing in to Google”.
  •          Alternatively, you can go to the Gmail 2-step verification page.
  •          Here you will find a link that says “2-Step Verification”. Click on this link.
  •          Now click on the “Get Started” button.
  •          Here you will be asked to enter the password.
  •          Enter the phone number for the account in which you wish to receive the verification code.
  •          Choose the method using which you wish to verify the account ownership. You can verify the account by receiving the “Text Message” or “Text Call”.
  •          After you receive the code, enter the code in the text box that appears.
  •          After having entered the correct code, the account is set for 2-factor authentication.

Now you can be rest assured that your account is safe. However, it is advised that you do not share the code received with others as this may pose problems in the long run.

While using Gmail you may come across some problems with your Gmail account. While some of the problems can be fixed on your own, the complex problems may turn out to be very difficult to fix. In such cases, you can provide information to Gmail Support number and get the problem fixed instantly. In case of simple problems, you are guided over the phone to fix the problem on your own. In case of complex problems you are provided help via remote access. 24*7 support is provided round the clock for any problems encountered while Accessing Gmail account.

Gmail Toll Free Number :-  +1-888-259-9422 (US/CANADA)

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