Windows 10 update bug causes problem while using Google and Gmail

Google is the most visited website across the world. It provides you a lot of amazing internet services, some of the most prominent being Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, Blogger, Adsense, Adwords, etc. As reported a majority of the traffic on Google comes from the Windows operating system.

Gmail can be used on different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, OSX, Linux, etc. Whenever you come across a problem that you cannot fix on your own, dial Gmail contact number to seek the help of experts to fix your problem.

Gmail Customer Support Number

What is Windows 10 build 15019 bug?

In order to provide the users with latest security updates and fix any issues encountered in the previous versions, Windows provides regular updates to its users. In a recent update, certain Windows users have faced some issues while using Google and Gmail in the Microsoft Edge browser. It is because of a bug that makes it impossible for the users to access Gmail and Google using Microsoft Edge browser. Some other Google services like Maps, Google Docs, Google Drive, etc. are not accessible as well.

Apart from this, some other problems are also encountered in this Windows 10 build 15019 bug. Some of these are: extensions break down, Microsoft Edge F12 tools not functioning properly, frequent crashes, fail to accept inputs, etc.

The Reason for the Windows 10 bug:

This feature has arisen due to the implementation of a new security model. This new security model has been rolled out to enhance the security of the Windows powered machines. An update to fix out this issue in the Windows 10 devices will be rolled out in a few days.

What to do if Bugs are encountered?

If you come across these bugs where you are not able to use the Google services website on the Microsoft Edge browser, you can use two different methods to access it. Each of these steps is quite simple and has their own set of benefits. The detailed process to access the Google services using both the ways along with its merits and demerits are mentioned below:

Open Google services in Private Window:

Even after this update been installed on your device, you can visit the Google services using the ‘In Private tab’. For this, open the Microsoft Edge browser and click on the three dots button. Click on the New ‘InPrivate’ Window and open the Google services in this browser. The only demerit of using Google services in this way is that you need to log in every time you start your browser or PC. It offers an additional benefit that lets you to quite easily use the Google service without the need to download any additional browser software.

Open Google Services in Another Web Browser:

You can also use some other web browsers recommended by Google like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. For this, you need to install the browser that you find interesting. This enables you to save the passwords and adds the easy login feature.

You may come across some other problem with your account. Some simple problems can be fixed on your own, while the other problems need you to have expert knowledge of the Gmail and the platform you are using it on. To seek the help of experts to fix your problem, just give a call on the Gmail customer support number. You will be guided to fix the problem over the phone in case of simple problems. For complex problems, your problem will be fixed via remote access. 24*7 support is provided to make sure that the problem is fixed as soon as it is encountered. 

Dial Gmail Helpline Numbers:-

+1-888-259-9422 (US/CANADA)
+44-800-051-3717 (UK)
+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)


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