Simple ways to manage multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously

Gmail is a very popular Email service that allows its users to have multiple Gmail accounts. The Users can have four Gmail accounts from the single registered number. Normally, you cannot use the multiple Gmail accounts at the same time. It is quite a tedious task, as you need to log out from the old account you are signed in and has to enter the username and password for the new Gmail account, which you wish to log in.

In order to access multiple accounts at the same time, it requires some easy hacks and ways to manage multiple Gmail Accounts simultaneously.

By using simple methods mentioned below, you can easily view emails, unread messages and even forward the emails from the different account without repeated logins and logouts.

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Easy Ways to Simultaneously Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts:

There are several methods implementing, which you can manage multiple Gmail accounts in a single place. Two of the most amazing methods to manage multiple Gmail accounts are mentioned below. Go through these steps and choose whichever options suit you the best.

Method 1 Use multiple browsers:

Using multiple browsers, you can simultaneously manage multiple Gmail accounts. For this, you just need to open different browsers and log into a different Gmail account by entering your credentials. Use the latest version of the Gmail recommended web browser from the options Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.

This process requires a far greater amount of resources of your device. In this method, there is a limitation as you cannot install a large number of browsers on your device.

Method 2:  Set up different users in Google Chrome:

If you are a Google Chrome user, you can set up multiple users at a time. Each of the multiple user instances of Google Chrome; works as a different Google Chrome web browser. Login into each instance of your browser with a different Gmail accounts after entering your credentials. To set up different users in Google Chrome, just follow the options mentioned below:

  •          Click on the name button before minimizing Google Chrome.
  •          Click on the button ‘manage people’.
  •          A new window appears.
  •          Click on the button “Add person”, and enter the person name and account picture.
  •          Clicking on the “Next” button creates a new instance of the browser.
  •          The browser instance is created, after which you can log-in to your Gmail account to import your bookmarks, extensions, saved passwords, etc.
  •          Now, you can log-in to your Gmail account in different instances after entering your credentials. 

This process requires you to run multiple instances of the Google Chrome browser. This process too is a bit resource intensive. But, there is no limitation on the number of user instances that you can create on your browser.

The two above-mentioned methods, lets you simultaneously manage multiple Gmail accounts. Choose the options that you find preferable.

If you come across any problem with your Gmail account, give a call on Gmail customer service number and get the problem fixed instantly by the experts. For any simple problems, Gmail experts guide you step by step over the phone to fix your problem. The complex problems are fixed by remote access to your device.

Dial Gmail Helpline Numbers:-

+1-888-259-9422 (US/CANADA)
+44-800-051-3717 (UK)
+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)

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